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  • Listening to: Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (Remix)
  • Watching: Princess Mononoke
  • Eating: Tamales and egg rolls. <3
Hey buddies! The few of you who actually watch me.

Just checking in; I've been practicing hard with my tablet and drawing programs. I think I've found my niche - paint some vectored lines in Flash 8, then copy the lineart over to Photoshop and color it in there. It's worked in my last couple of submissions, at least. Keep an eye out for more stuff...

Right now it's 1:00 AM and I just fired up my laptop again just before I was going to go to sleep, and now I'm here lifting weights, making up for not going to the gym today. :P (Kickouts are hard with the 20's!)

I've also discovered I can stretch out really well using my crowbar. I can grab a hold of it with both arms about shoulder-width apart, put my foot over it, and kick it out slowly. Good shoulder stretch. Pretty manly way of doing it, too. -Flex-

Well, that's about it for now. Hope you're all doing well! Here's to three more days of freedom before school starts again! :ahoy:

Signin' out,
Ahahaha, pictures! Good stuff.

Workin' on my Photoshop skills, which do not exist at the moment. Bear with me!

Wes :ahoy:
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I'm at an introduction camp thing for the US Coast Guard Officer's Academy for a week and a half. I'll be coming back, hopefully, late on the night of the 27th.

See you guys!
Wes :ahoy:
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W'up everyone!

Just wanted to get rid of that last journal post. xD Six months old. It was muh' birthday on the 25th - big party tommorow with lots of neighbors, family, and friends.

Summer's been very fun. I've just been hangin' out, working on projects and hanging out with my best friends a lot. I have a ton of projects running at the moment; here's a list (more for myself so I can keep track of them):

- Kessler (movie w/ Kristi)
- Kriegsmesser (space ship warfare game)
- Poninjas VII
- Firestorm (top-down shooter game)
- My end of an art trade with Psynthe which I still haven't gotten around to. @__@
- Getting FruityLoops + Midi Keyboard working

Anyways, wish me luck - I have a one-week trip to the Coast Guard academy at the end of next month, plus I'm going to be getting my driving permit soon, so pray I don't hit anything. xD

F'in YAR!
Wes :ahoy:

Buddies <3
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  • Listening to: Jack Johnson - Upside Down
  • Reading: Ship of Gold
  • Watching: Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  • Playing: Airsoft
  • Eating: A brigload of chocolate.
  • Drinking: Apple Blossom tea.
Kagger: "Oi Fishybuckets, when's the grub a-comin'?"
Fishbucket: "Get the hell outta m'kitchen! D<"
Kagger: "Fine then, y'smelly rank hagfish!"

Yup, starting up work on my story again. Found my old sketchbook with the world map - spurred me on to re-draw it, and now I'm full-fledged working on the thing. I'm hoping to get a nice, cheap scanner soon. Don't need a printer or anything - just a scanner. Anybody know of such a thing for Windows OS?

Once I get a scanner I'll have more to show for in my gallery than just my silly mouse-drawn vector art. Keep your eyes open.

Happy new year, mates!
:ahoy: Sarge